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Henologická redukcia: Jedno, ktoré nežije

Filozofia, 60 (2005), 6, 440-447.
Typ článku: State

„The principle is nothing of what it is the principle“ – this applies for Plotinos’ One. It is neither the consciousness, nor the affectivity, neither the light, nor the life, neither the presence, nor the heaven. The paper show this on the text of Plotinos’ Treatise 38 [VI, 7]. It attributes, however, all these determinations, or processes not to the One, but to the intellect. It is the intellectualized soul, which relates through them to the One, not the One itself. It is the soul, for which the One is the good, not for the One itself. The soul, ascending One, does not stop on the level of intellect; in the end it rests in One without those determinations.

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