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Inteligencia v sociologických interpretáciách Eugena Löbla

Filozofia, 34 (1979), 6, 619-633.
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The paper criticizes the revisionist theoretical presuppositions that represent a starting point of E. Löbl's book Considerations of intellectual Work and of the Wealth of a Nation (1967). Lobl uses these presupposition's when analyzing the changing position of intelligentsia in capitalist and socialist social-class structures under the influence of the scientific- technological revolution. The author’s sharp criticism hits the elitarian conception of intelligentsia, based upon hypertrophying the intellectual element in history and upon denying the class differentiation of people of mental work. The gnozeological source of Löbl’s intelectual elitism is to be found not only in having left the principles of historical materialism, but also in replacing dialectics by mechanicism. The aspect of the contradictory unity of forces of production and productive relations is replaced, in application to the problem of intelligentsia, by a unilateral viewpoint of technological division Of labour. What is resulting from it is the accoption and assertion of bourgeois theory of deproletarization with its well-known false conclusion that the scientifictechpological revolution takes the political leadership from the hands of bourgeoisie (capitalism) and of the working-class (socialism) and transfers it to intelligentsia.
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