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Cicero a zdroje stoickej argumentácie v spise Paradoxa stoicorum (Cic. Parad. 20 – 26)

Filozofia, 74 (2019), 6, 472-484.
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The paper deals with the analyses of the third paradox from the Cicero's work Stoic Paradoxes (Cic. Parad. 20 – 26). This paradox is trying to defend the controversial stoic claim, that sins and virtues are alike (Aequalia esse peccata et recte facta). In the paper the author tries to present two interpretative solutions to the question of determining the sources of stoic ideas in this paradox. The first solution suggests, that Cicero argues here with the ideas of early Stoicism and approaches the philosophical view of Panaetius as a representative of Middle Stoicism. The second solution interprets this passage in terms of early Stoicism. Author of the study is finally inclined to conclude, that it is more probable that Cicero based this passage on early Stoic sources.

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Cicero, Ethics, Panaetius, Stoic Paradoxes, Stoicism

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