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Socrates’ Dialectic Therapy According to Plato’s Aporetic Dialogues

Filozofia, 74 (2019), 3, 169-180.
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The paper’s aim is to claim that Socrates’ philosophy according to Plato’s dialogue should be taken as a dialectic therapy. Socrates’ dialectic therapy as care of the self is not an isolated inspection of the individual conscience. As long as the Socratic therapy is dialectical, the possibility of the interlocutor’s self-transparency is possible through dialogical cooperation. This selftransparency is not the possessing of the good, but the very dialogue and mutual examination of the self. The therapeutic dialogue demands that the interlocutor be able to recognise himself in the dialectic of defining what he wants. Therefore, the dialogue enables the person to know his own good through the dialogue’s activity.

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Care, Counsel, Dialogue, Plato, Self, Socrates, Will

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