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Interpretativizmus a literárna veda

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 8, 696-707.
Typ článku: Úvahy - eseje

The study deals with parallels and differences between interpretivism as a method of social science on one side and literary interpretation on the other. Firstly, the author briefly outlines the essentials of interpretivism in social knowledge and shows some specific items of literary interpretation. The next parts of the study pay attention to two contemporary methodological approaches in literary science: Siegfried J. Schmidt’s empirical approach to literature and Franco Moretti’s abstract models of literary history. Both approaches instead of habitual considering a text to be the central object of interest enrich research areas of literary science with new sectors and get closer to the objects of interpretivism in social sciences.

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Interpretation, Interpretivism, Literary science, Literary science methodology, Social sciences

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