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Súčasné umenie na ceste k post-post? Ako André Stanguennec spája umenie so skromným, triviálnym a negrandióznym

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 7, 595-607.
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André Stanguennec sees something new arising in art: after modernity and postmodernity we witness a period called by him a post-post. The latter is a negation of the previous two, included at the same time into a new synthesis, in which they are not opposites any more. The article offers a reconstruction of several aspects of this synthesis. The new form of art is identified first of all in documentary video-art or in the micropoietics of everyday life. Video-art is attractive due to its engagement and the critique of social defects, especially on legal and political levels. The small, non-grandiose poietics is related to more personal morals. It represents the ethical-metaphysical aspect of the new art.

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Document, Micropoietics, Social critique, Video-art

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