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Aporie politického jednání u Hannah Arendtové

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 7, 583-594.
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The study offers an interpretation of the political theory of Hannah Arendt identifying it as a specific phenomenological and ontological discourse. It then focuses on the aporia hidden in Hannah Arendt’s concept of political action, i.e. the antinomy between the fleetingness of an action and the identities born from it on one side, and the proclaimed permanency of action and its outcomes on the other. This particular aporia is examined on the background of her description of the loss of the common human world as a consequence of the development of the modern science and technology, the growth of totalitarianism, and the concept of history as outlined in Arendt’s study of American Revolution.

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Action, Hannah Arendt, Ontology, Person, Phenomenology, Political theory

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