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Estetika existencie: umenie, či étos individuálneho života?

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 6, 437-449.
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The article draws on the conclusions of the discussion which on one hand showed the reception of Foucault’s “aesthetics of existence” and on the other hand offered a partial reflection on the “topicality of the aesthetic” in postmodern philosophy. The issue in question is understood as related to the process of aestheticization from modernity to contemporary self-controlled society. The focus is on questions such as „What does the tendency to give one’s own existence a mark of “visible beauty” mean? How does the aesthetic promote itself in non-aesthetic (especially ethical) spheres of life? Attention is paid first of all to how the aesthetics of existence and the requirements of a higher standard individual ethics are interconnected. The conceptions of M. Foucault, J. Früchtl and W. Schmid are referred to as the main sources of consideration.

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Aestheticization, Aesthetics of existence, Ethos, M. Foucault, Philosophy of the art of living, W. Schmid

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