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Filozofia dejín bez historickej nevyhnutnosti (?)

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 3, 186-196.
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In his article the author justifies a critical attitude towards both the Enlightenment concept of progress and the European philosophy of history based on teleology. Adorno’s negative dialectics provides an inspiration in getting rid of the monster of historical necessity in philosophy of history. Adorno’s attitude is overtime due to his using the concept of dominance to anticipate the need to rethink the relation between civilization (culture) and nature. Instead of growth fetishism a new economic paradigm of degrowth is postulated, performed by N. Georgescu-Roegen. The vision of a new civilization is embodied in the vision of a society of sustainable degrowth. This new civilization is able to sustain homeostasis-like negentropia in the form of a feedback through culture.

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Aufheben, Degrowth, Historical necessity, Negative dialectics, Progress, Silent transformation, Super-Civilization, The cunning of reason

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