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Smrť človeka z axiologickej perspektívy. Myšlienkové experimenty

Filozofia, 70 (2015), 2, 94-106.
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The analysis draws on Nagel ́s deprivation theory and Feldman ́s theory of possible worlds. These are supplemented with a specific context of feeling happy or suffering in the face of death as well as various forms of believing in life after death. Six logically possible answers have been tested via thought experiments which showed that the question of whether death means good, evil or is indifferent to a person cannot be in general answered from the first person perspective. The answer always depends on the particular context, i. e. on the person’s beliefs and hopes. The article thus offers one possible axiological perspective from which death can be viewed in the context of dying with dignity, committing suicide or carrying out euthanasia.

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Axiological perspective, Death, Dying, Perspective of the first person, Thought experiment

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