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Interpretácia v práve II

Filozofia, 70 (2015), 10, 789-799.
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The article is a continuation of the author’s contribution Interpretation in Law I (Filozofia 2015/8) with special attention paid to methods of interpretation in law: textualist, intentionalist, and teleological ones. It explains the cooperation of the law’s purpose and the method of idealizing generalization in defining the propositions relevant for teleological arguments. Included are particular, so called “logical methods” of interpreting law: the method a contrary, the method per analogies, as well as two kinds of the a fortiori argument (argument with even stronger reason): a minori ad maius and a maiori ad minus.

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A fortiori, Abductive rule, Analogy, Argument, Idealization, Interpretation, Law, Propositions of relevance, Teleological methods

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