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Linguistic Elements as Generated and Reflected in Modern Fragmented World

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 8, 678-686.
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Based on research on the production of new linguistic elements, this article explores the ways in which we can trace the role of these new linguistic elements in the development of methodological interactions in the social sciences and humanities. This allows, on one hand, to trace and rethink the modern state of social processes, which are becoming increasingly dynamic due to the fragmentation and non-homogeneity of social formations. On the other hand, it opens possibilities for investigating the potential of language for heuristic transfer of concepts from one theoretical area to another, and for interdisciplinary interaction between knowledge from various disciplines that explore different typological issues. It also enhances new ways of developments of linguistic forms as well as the disciplines, which the latter influence by their creative presence.

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Dynamic of social processes, Heuristic potential of language, Linguistic elements, Social sciences and humanities

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