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Peirce Today

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 4, 318-331.
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The paper outlines and summarizes the contemporary state of Peircean studies, and sketches briefly the most striking traits of Peirce’s intellectual portrait. The author takes up the challenge of placing Peirce in the context of present-day philosophy, but also reflects upon his relationship with the relevant philosophical past, and emphasizes above all the importance of Peirce’s so often downplayed sentimentalism for the sake of his recognition as a valuable source of any kind of future’s non-reductive naturalism in philosophy. The author moreover argues that Peirce today invites us to read him not so much as a contemporary but as a contributor to philosophy of the day after tomorrow.

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Hermeneutics, Intellectual portrait, Non-reductive naturalism, Pragmatism, Sentimentalism, Transformation

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