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Várossov pojem umeleckého obrazu vo svetle súčasných vied o obraze

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 2, 154-163.
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Artistic image is one of the central concepts of Váross’s posthumously published writings titled From creativity to creation (Bratislava 1989). Contrary to most common users of language in Váross the concept was to denote the concretization of an artwork in the percipient’s consciousness. The paper aims at a closer analysis of Váross’s definition of the concept in question, bringing the related citations and showing its place within a wider context of Váross’s theory of art. Further, it unveils some connections between his definition of artistic image and the key issues of the theory of image as reflected in contemporary image sciences (iconology, Bildwisseschaften).

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Art, History of art theory, Iconology, Image, M. Váross, Philosophy of image

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