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Meziprostory: K čemu jsou filosofické performance? Úvahy o ztělesnění a veřejnosti filosofického myšlení

Filozofia, 68 (2013), 5, 402-411.
Typ článku: Projekty performatívnej filozofie

In accordance with the spirit of Philosophie-Performance Festival [soundcheck philosophie] which took place in 2011 and 2012 in Halle (Germany) the paper deals with possible forms of expressing philosophical thoughts. In the frame of an optical experiment the notions embodiment and the public have been focused on in order to take a closer look – in accordance with the objectives of the performative philosophy – at the reception of a theory. The justification of the need of philosophical performances and other experiments concerning the philosophical discourse goes back to the philosophical anthropology of Helmut Plessner (1889 – 1985). Two theses are presented as a conclusion: a) philosophical thinking as such is to be taken as public; b) the embodiment of philosophical thinking is to be understood as a purely mental process.

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Body, Embodiment, Expression, Helmuth Plessner, Performative philosophy, Philosophical anthropology, Philosophy and art, Public thinking, [soundcheck philosophie]

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