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Recepcia a modifikácia aristotelizmu vo vybraných aspektoch myslenia Jána Dunsa Scota

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 1, 9-17.
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The paper deals with the reception and modifications of aristotelism in the epistemology, metaphysics and theology of John Duns Scotus. As a consequence of these modifications Scotus became the founder of a new philosophical-theological vocabulary. In the first part of the contribution the history of aristotelism in the Hellenic period is outlined; the second part examines two lines of aristotelism: that developed in the Latin European West on one hand and that of the Greek-Arabic East on the other hand. The reception and modification of aristotelism in the considerations of J. D. Scotus is examined in more detail on the historical-philosophical background in the third part: rational intuition, ontological conception of metaphysics as scientia transcendens, theology as a practical science. In conclusion the author shows how Scotus’s modification of aristotelism influenced the rise of modern science.

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John Duns Scotus, Aristotelism, Intuitive knowledge, Metaphysics as scientia transcendens, Theology as a practical science

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