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Filozofická propedeutika na slovenských stredných školách v rokoch 1918 - 1948

Filozofia, 51 (1996), 10, 619-633.
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After 1918 the introduction to philosophy was one of the subjects taught in the last, eighth year on Slovak high schools according to official school teaching programs of 1933 and 1939. The Czech versions and their Slovak translations (e. g. that of F. Krejčí and first of all AÍbína Dratvová’s handbooks) were followed in the early fourties by a handbook of a Slovak author Š- Polakovič. It was marked by the shift from positivistic and scientific approach in teaching philosophy to a religious (Christian) one. This change took place on the background of cultural and social changes which were not without response in the ideological sphere.

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