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Svetonázorová kultúra socialistickej osobnosti

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 2, 167-174.
Typ článku: State - Filozofia, svetonázor, spoločenský pokrok
The paper is concentrated on the analysis of the category „worldview culture“ of the socialist personality and on some questions of the mechanism of its forming. The author aims to show the substance, content and structure of the category „worldview culture“ which is being used mostly sporadically in works concerning problems of worldview and which has not found an adequate place in the conception and organization of the practical worldview activity. Worldview culture is conceived as the qualitative expressing of the totality and conceptual character of the communist worldview, as the expressing of its own all-round and proportionate development, due to which the worldview culture acquires the quality of a life programme and becomes a decisive ideological-spiritual regulator of Man’s life activity, one of the presuppositions of his creative and free development.
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