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Filozofia, 36 (1981), 1, 36-47.
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The paper deals with topical questions of further advancement of philosophy in the period of building up a developed socialist society. The subject under discussion is the fulfillment of the requirements contained in the resolution of the 15th plenary session of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia: the requirements are the intensification and a higher quality of theoretical work hnd research in the sphere of philosophy, narrower contact of theory and practice of building up socialism, accentuation of a creative approach towards scientific work. In the paper the author applies these requirements as criteria to the evaluation of recent results in the sphere of philosophical research, especially in the sphere of investigation of philosophical aspects of molding the socialist consciousness and personality. He simultaneously analyses in view to these intentions the future research project that will be worked upon in the Philosophical Section of the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovac Academy of Sciences: “Methodological Problems of Social Sciences“.
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