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Poslanie našej filozofie (Po ideologických plénach ÚV KSČ a ÚV KSS)

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 2, 105-114.
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The author in his consideration emphasizes the great importance of the latest ideological plenary sessions of the Central Committees of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and of Slovakia for the development of our philosophy and the cementing of the theoretical-ideological front of marxism-leninism. In the conclusion he points out to the causes that had led our social thinking and, together with it, philosophy, too, into a crisis. He emphasizes that the only rescue for the consistent and creative development of our philosophy lies in its class- and party character and in its service (not „slaving“) to the socialist society. Great ideas and real philosophy have always been part of mass revolutionary movements. Also the marxist leninist philosophy is part of the revolutionary motion of today and of tomorrow — of the socialist revolution, of the communist future of mankind. It is only in this function — and not in any destructive criticism or iii „absolute" skepticism — that our marxist — leninist philosophy can fulfill its highest mission.
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