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Modelovanie v molekulárnej biológii

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 6, 644-652.
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In biology, as in any branch of science, the scientists, in order to achieve knowledge about the explored object where the traditional forms of investigation fail, incline to the special scientific research method — i. e. modelling. The paper can be divided into two parts. In the first part some of the general principles of modelling are being analyzed and in individual items also the motives of applying the models in empirical sciences, namely in biology, are dealt with. As a practical example of application of modelling in biology, in the other part of the paper some problems of molecular biology are analyzed, this being an area that is distinctly separated and where there is a considerable prospect of investigation. The possibilities of creating certain models are pointed out in the individual functions of proteins and nucleic acids that present themselves in the molecular level and must be thus studied. Molecular biology with its discoveries helps to understand the cellular processes and it must be comprehended as a tendency of contemporary biology to know the life-manifestations in this level. The difficulties with modelling are connected with the physical conception and with some specific features of objects and phenomena that are being investigated. The arising problems are those of methodological and gnozeological character. From these some questions stem as a complex. They are pointed out in the paper.
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