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Teória úrovní a objektívna realita

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 1, 55-65.
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The author has pointed out a possible theoretical-philosophical solution of differenciating reality, proceeding from the knowledge of special sciences and on the basic principles of dialectical materialism. He formulates the asignment of levels of reality and attempts, on the basis of the' theory of levels, at a dynamic conception of reality. The author shows that the theory of levels in this conception does not surpases the framework of dialectical-materialistic monism and otherwise it represents a criticism of idealistic, and substancionalist in general, conceptions of reality. The author considers the fact of the impossibility of exclusive detachment of levels of reality as an important fact of the theory of levels and he presents conclusions of this fact. He considers the validity of the principle of correspondence (about the laws of levels of reality) as a special expression of non-detachment of the levels of reality. The approach to the problem of continuity and discontinuity is, according to the author’s opinion, possible by means of investigating the ontological equivalence and ontocreative connection of particulars. The paper indicates the problem of the final or infinite leve differenciation of reality. Investigating the relation of the knowledge of special sciences, of apprehending the laws of the levels of reality and its philosophical reflections in history, the author concludes his considerations about the adequacy of philosophical reflection in the past and about possible tendencies in the future.
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