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Filozofia, 24 (1969), 2, 158-174.
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A systemic and historical connection exists between philosophy and the problem of personality. Philosophy as a discovery of theoretical thought and a meta-science represents a creative relation to the contents of consciousness with regard to the dynamics of relations and their individual conditions which, in their integrity, form personality. The role of the problems of personality in philosophy can be seen even in the system of philosophical disciplines. Tihs role is prominent in the renaissance humanistic philosophy whose center was the idea of manysided realization of man. It does not get lost even in the further developments in which a contention takes place between rationalism and empirism, enlightenment and romanticism, positivism and the scientific revolution of the 20th century, its leading category of the whole and system. In particular, the understanding of rationalism and empiricism would not be sufficient if their personality background and basis were not understood. In fact, behind the antagonism of various types of rationality and philosophical schools, the antagonism is hidden of different personality systems. The most general antagonism exists between the eudemonistic and creative direction of personality to which usually pertains also a reasonable type of rationality. The whole history of philosophy turns about the basic gnoseological categories whose logical center is the category of totality which is decisive even for the question of personality. The employment of this category in the investigation of personality created a new cultural epoch with the prospects of victory of the personality of a creative type. The employment of category as a central category of scientific method puts an end to the hegemony of positivism. The contention of the types of personality can be seen in the currents of ideas of the 20th century in which existentialism tried to negate the positvistic personality vacuum. Marxism has the opportunity to participate in this contention on the basis of a systematic actualization of its methodologicodialectical categories.
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