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Ecumenism: The Problem of Tolerance in Relation to the Subject and the Object of a Confession of Faith

(Original title: Ekumenizmus: problém tolerancie vo vzťahu k subjektu a objektu vierovyznania)
Filozofia, 53 (1998), 4, 219-225.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The authors focus on three approaches to the tolerance of a confession of faith - those of Gabriel Marcel, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and Karl Rahner. G. Marcel dismisses the tolerance related to the object of a confession of faith on the ground that there can be just one object of religious faith and consequently just one truth, especially if it is a revealed one. On the other hand, he justifies his respect for the subject of religious faith by the protection ofthe person.

For J. Ratzinger the basis of tolerance is made up of two antropines - those of faith and doubt. He exmanines the relationship both of a religious and of a nonreligious man to the object of religious faih. Both of them are confronted with doubts and existential questions.
In K. Rahner's view the dicourse of various world views is marked by the claim of each of them to universal validity and thus to the conversion of the adherents of the other world views. It is the openess of a world view for the anticipated future that makes the dialogue between various world views possible. A world view can be enriched by the existential experience of an adherent of an another world view, especially when one finds this experience embodied in his/her own truth.

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