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Heidegger and the Yugoslavian Philosophy of Praxis

(Original title: Heidegger a juhoslovanská filozofia praxe)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 10, 549-558.
Type of work: Reflections - Essays
Publication language: Slovak

Philosophers of praxis did not just search for similarities and analogies between their and Heidegger’s philosophical thinking. The most interesting and the most important element they found in the basic project of Heidegger’s philosophy. In his Sein und Zeit they discovered a close similarity between their project based on Marxian philosophy, and that of Heidegger. Long before they did (but certainly not before Marx) Heidegger attempted at making the question of being intrinsically connected with the question of man. It was not intended as a new synthesis od traditional abstract ontology or ontologically ungrounded philosophical anthropology. His aim was to conceive of being and man in a new way. Neither the philosophers of praxis aimed at an external synthesis of traditional ontology and anthropology. They, too, tried to rethink the question of man in the sense of being.

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