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Evolutionism and Philosophy

(Original title: Evolucionizmus a filozofia)
Filozofia, 46 (1991), 2, 166-180.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The contribution is an extract from the introductory and closing chapters of a widely outlined habilitation work Philosophy in the History of Evolutionism (An Outline of the Evolutionary Idea in Biology], which was defended in 1969. In the first part of the paper the author delineates the subject-matter of evolutionism (evolutionary biology) and formulates some principles of his philosophical analysis. In the second part he examines recent theories and schools in evolutionsm, namely holism, organicism, the theory of emergent evolution, the evolutionary theory of Lysenko’s biological school, the' theory of preadaptation, the theory of quantum evolution and the movement of the so-called synthetic evolutionism.

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