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New Initiatives in the Development of Slovak Philosophy and Science in 1945 to 1948

(Original title: Nové iniciatívy vo vývine slovenskej filozofie a vedy v r. 1945—1948)
Filozofia, 43 (1988), 3, 325-338.
Type of work: Papers - The History of the Philosophical Thought in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak

The author concentrates upon tracing of the theoretical activity of progressive philosophers and scientists from the First Congress of Artists and Scientist in 1945 to the February 1948. In the first part of the paper he concentrates on Hrušovsky’s publicist activity in which he solved problems of the relation of science and society, of prospects of scientific production in the socialist society, of importance of dialectics in science, of organized cooperation and coordination of scientific work, etc.

In the second part he analyzes programme objectives and activities of the reestablished association Scientific Synthesis. He points to a deeper ideologic and theoretical polarization of Slovak philosophy and he appreciates the activity of progressive philosophers and scientists, associated in Scientific Synthesis and in the Philosophical Institute of SAS and its miscellany Philosophica Slovaca. They dealt with theoretical-methodological problems and also with topical ideologic issues and applied the incentives of dialectical and historical materialism in their own scientific work.

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