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A Criticism of Foucault’s Episteme

(Original title: Kritika Foucaultovej epistémy)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 2, 221-234.
Type of work: Papers - History of Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak
In the paper Foucault’s combining of the principles of the theory of Marx and Ricardo in a common epistemological field in which historicity is based on the concept of the anthropological limited being is critically analyzed. With Marx the anthropological limited being does not determine the very character of the bourgeois form of production. Reflections on the concrete historical form of the basis lead Marx to a new conception of the starting point of the theory. Due to this conception it was possible for him to work up a construction which spiritually reproduces bourgeois economic relations and simultaneously to show the principles and inevitable shortcomings not only of the classical political economy but also of Foucault’s overestimation of the power of language.
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