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The Dialectics of the Individual and the Collective at the Forming of Socialist Man

(Original title: Dialektika individuálneho a kolektívneho pri formovaní socialistického človeka)
Filozofia, 35 (1980), 2, 158-168.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The dialectics of the individual and the collective as one aspect of the broader relation society — personality is being investigated in this study. Two groups of elementary terms have been defined: 1. collective, collectivity, 2. personality, individuality, individualism. In the further part the notions of individuality and its manifestations and sources are being analyzed more in detail. Individuality is defined as a dialectical unity of the individual and personality. Its characteristic features are — uniqueness, unrepeatableness, which are being investigated at the same time in relation to the general. The analysis of the notion of collectivity as well as the conditions of its forming form a basis for an investigation of the relation between the collective and the individual. The author, in the analysis of socialist collectivity, points out the specificities of the relation of the collective and the individual, which in the final consequence are determined by the character of social relations. In socialist society collectivity has an essential influence upon the realization of the individual, but it can develop itself positively only by means of a highly conscious and free individuality.
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