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Ideological Form of Self-Consciousness

(Original title: Ideologická forma sebavedomia)
Filozofia, 23 (1968), 2, 138-151.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
In ideology, people think of themselves and doing this, they pursue ideology. This circular form makes it always questionable. Of course, as faT as contradictoriness of ideology is objectively solved, its antithetical form is, within certain limits, at the same time a real one. The truth is not the agreement of a thought with reality, only this agreement is reality itself; and humanly real is what people built up as reality. The same holds for consciousness, therefore self-consciousness is the real form of consciousness. To be right, man must be in accord with himself and unfold this agreement in an objective way as the certainty of himself and his world. If people are not capable of it, then they unfold the agreement in a subjective way. Consequently, consciousness of society of itself becomes contradictory in itself and turns into ideology — a figment of the mind unfolded as the determination of a thinker, class, nation, epoch: that which appears, in the socio-practical sphere, as a limitation, appears in consciousness as the absolute; the fact that a part of society stands higher than the whole and that the latter is splintered, causes the truth of some people to be formed as the untruth of the others; onesidedness as a whole and measure of relations completes subjectivism into a system and institution of spiritual hegemony. When ideological consciousness remains at the form of a given subjectivity in such a way that it denies the antagonism of the life since it is not able to accept it, and functions as a real limit of activity, then necessarily its involution begins which might be called ideological narcissism. In the opposite case, ideology represents self-consciousness of a contradictory life. This implies its truthfullness as well as „falseness“. As long as the life is „false“, ideology is essentially truthful, and can be overcome only together with it.
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