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The Denotation of the Concept of Technique

(Original title: K vymedzeniu pojmu techniky)
Otázky marxistickej filozofie278-289.pdf, 20 (1965), 3, 278-289.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
The role played by technique in society and the importance of technique incessantly increases. Technical progress brings about a spate of problems in the field of technique, economics, sociology and philosophy. Up to the present technique was not given sufficient attention by philosophical literature. The authors of this study point at some philosophical problems occurred in connexion with technique. First of all, they are concerned with the definition of technique. They critically discuss the views of some bourgeois authors, and also the views on technique of some contemporary workers occupied in technical sciences. Neither are the authors satisfied with the delimitation of the concept of technique in Marxists literature. The definition best known and widely spread is the one that confines technique to productive technique, and even this it reduces to the sum of working means. A definition of this kind does not comply with reality. It is a law that a great number of working objects belong also to productive technique. All working objects produced socially belong to technique. It appears, therefore, that all the productive means which have been produced socially, are to be described by the concept of productive technique. Just the same,, it is incorrect to include into productive technique the knowledge, abilities and skill of people necessary for its production or and service. Similarly, it is not possible to classify into technique anything which is objective or has the value of the objective. The ability of man is to be considered as a subjective component related to technique, while technical methods and «ays are considered to be something which is objective, standing outside of man. As far as productive technique is concerned, it is the basis, the most important but not the sole component of technique. Technique represents a union of means and of functionally controlled movements corresponding to these means; thus it will be possible to classify into technique also technology designing a technologically objective process, but not the reflection of this process
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