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Volume 65 (2010), 4


(Original title: Nezařaditelný filosof Vladimir Jankélévitch)
Filozofia, 65 (2010), 4, 317-320.
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(Original title: Tajemství smrti a fenomén smrti)
Filozofia, 65 (2010), 4, 321-335.
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(Original title: O tolerantnosti vo svetle Rozpravy o cnostiach)
Filozofia, 65 (2010), 4, 336-342.

The paper deals with one of the basic concepts of the classical ethical conception of French moral philosopher Vladimir Jankélévitch (1903 – 1985). Although tolerance is one of the so called “little virtues”, it is not less important; it has its own philosophy based on two presuppositions: 1) we have to abandon the knowledge of the thing in itself; 2) we have to… Read more

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