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The Possibility of Metaphysics

(Original title: Možnosť metafyziky)
Filozofia, 67 (2012), 8, 630-645.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

This text ventures into the research of the death or birth of a new metaphysics on the basis of a critical explanation and a new interpretation of the philosophy of Martin Heidegger and Emmanuel Lévinas, especially from the perspective of a critical response to the rational metaphysics and its historical structure. Thus it confronts two philosophical approaches deriving from the phenomenological analysis, completing each other and differing at the same time. The author’s ambition is to promote the confrontation between the existential ontology and radical ethics. The result desired is a new philosophical and essentially different perspective that nevertheless remains open to metaphysics beyond the ontology and the rationality of the traditional metaphysics. The basis here is Lévinas’ critique of ontology as metaphysics that makes it possible to take another way – to the different and the other. The most important is the attitude towards the not-given which remains invisible, but at the same time demands a leap from the level of being to the level of responsibility. Therefore, Lévinas says, ethics precedes the truth as its foundation.


E. Lévinas, M. Heidegger, New metaphysics, Ontological difference, Ontology, Radical ethics, Responsibility, The Other

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