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Conscience and Personal Identity

(Original title: Fenomén svedomia a personálna identita človeka)
Filozofia, 64 (2009), 3, 275-285.
Type of work: Inaugural Lectures
Publication language: Slovak

The inaugural explores the phenomenon of conscience as including the reference to the first person and his/her identity: the conscience is intrinsically mine. The word mine refers here not only to the fact, hat the voice of conscience comes from inside of me, but also to my being addressed by it and connected through it with my genuine Self as a distinctive individual. In the first instance the voice of conscience is directly related to our actions, but if we let it to develop in its full strength, it can make us to reflect on who we essentially are. It is the concept of personal identity enforced „in one’s own production“ which enables us to explain this linkage. In conclusion the author shows the difference between the genuine conscience of an individual, created in living contacts with a community of morals, and a wrong individuality of conscience, which is just a subjective feeling or a believing heart of a lonely individual rooted entirely in herself/himself.

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