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Ontological Starting Points of Prigogine’s Thermodynamics

(Original title: Ontologické východiská Prigoginovej termodynamiky)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 4, 477-488.
Type of work: Papers - Scientific View of the World
Publication language: Slovak

In the paper the ontological starting-points of nonequilibrium non-linear thermodynamics, are analyzed. By means of analysis of the classical and quantum mechanics as well as the analysis of equilibrium and nonequilibrium linear thermodynamics it is shown that the cause of the evolution of the system is conceived as the operating of the environment upon the system. By the reconstruction of the ontological principles of brusselator it is demonstrated that nonequilibrium non-linear thermodynamics does not overcome the ontology of the classical science. In the last part of the work a new ontology is explicated by means of illustrative changes of brusselator. In this ontology the examined object is understood as a self-evolving, self-moving and self-risingand self-declining system.

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