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Andrej Vandrák’s Philosophy

(Original title: Filozofia Andreja Vandráka)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 6, 741-755.
Type of work: Papers - History of Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak
In the paper main principles of the philosophic system of A. Vandrák, the lecturer at the college at Prešov, in the second half of the nineteenth century, are outlined. His philosophy is characterized here as a system of the philosophy of values, judging from the prevalence of the anthropologic-practical approach and giving preference to a value aspect of things. The priority of values and teleological interpretation of history — whose aim it is to realize the basic principle of subjective teleology, namely forming the rationally acting and morally accomplished Man — make it for Vandrák possible to develop a framework within which he explicates those philosophic disciplines which deal with the basic values of human existence. In this connection the author of the paper concentrates on problems of the philosophy of language, theory of ideas and immediate cognition of the basis of being by means of anticipation in aesthetics. In the paper basic correlation between the philosophy of Fries, Vandrák and Kuzmány are mentioned.
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