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On Modelling of Complex Objects

(Original title: K modelovaniu zložitých objektov)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 5, 560-573.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophy and Methodology of Sciences
Publication language: Slovak
The author analyzes models in connection with the misinterpreted theory of mesomerism and resonance which are substantially modelling those aspects of reality that have key-position in the chemical cognition of matter. In the incorrect evaluations of both theories the structural paiits of a modelled object, i. e. the creating of the real from the non-real, are construed subjectively. The author underlines that real qualities, structures, states of molecules do mot come from the fictitious, non-real ones and it is, therefore, impossible to take as absolute those states of molecules which are expressed by possible limit structures. We apply limit structures (they do not correspond real states of molecules) arbitrarily as a purposeful simplification of reality which, in spite of its character, correspond individual aspects of reality and are used in scientific practice. This opinion was successively appropriated by G. D. Wheland, L. Pauling and other theoreticians.
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