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The Cliffs of the Philosophic Starting Point of Social Sciences in Structuralism

(Original title: Štrukturalistické úskalia filozofického východiska spoločenských vied)
1984, 39 (1984), 3, 324-336.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of the Contemporary Bourgeois Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak

In the paper several main characteristics of the structuralist conception of the philosophic starting point of social sciences, especially sciences on art are outlined.

Structuralists set up the problem of the relation of philosophic presuppositions of a special scientific discipline and its heuristic possibilities. It is stressed in the paper that every special scientific discipline has its own philosophic and world outlook prerequisites or consequences which determine the scientific consciousness in a very complicated and mediated way. In spite of the fact that the structuralist movement preaches a programme of destroyment of philosophic presuppositions of science, it bears its own philosophic presuppositions that are often very close to some variants of positivism and aim to criticize or desinterpret the historical-materialistic principle of social sciences. The consequences of the influence of the structuralist movement in our conutry are judged and its specific aspects, regarded from the viewpoint of the social-historical conditions of the development of social sciences in the thirties, forties and in the sixties, seventies are analyzed.

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