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The Unity of Science and Morale as a Prerequisite of Humanization of the Scientific-Technological Progress

(Original title: Vzťah vedy a morálky v podmienkach vedeckotechnického rozvoja)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 3, 277-287.
Type of work: Papers - Problems of Historical Materialism
Publication language: Slovak
The contemporary intense advancement of science and technology makes the problems of the relation of science and morale ever more topical and it puts the question of the inevitability of humanizing science, giving it the impress of humane and towards Man oriented work. The paper consists of two parts: Part One — Ontological Presuppositions of the Relation of Science and Morale, Part Two — Social and Class Preconditions of this Relation. In the first part the object-oriented practical activity as the ontological basis for conceiving the relation of these two specific human activities is analyzed. The unity of gnoseologic and axiologic moments which in the abundance of social being of Man always work in cooperation is realized in this kind of human activity. The author defines the specific character of science and morale and from the Marxist point of view she criticizes incompetence of those conceptions which consider both spheres as autonomous. In the second part the relation of science and morale in the concrete social and class context of capitalism and socialism is analyzed. The author concentrates mainly on the morally regulative and humanistic-formative function of science under the present conditions, arguing that socialism creates objective conditions for morale to become the element of social management and to join in the process of humanization of science.
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