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To the Task of the Subjective Factor at the Forming of Consciousness and Personality in the Socialist Society

(Original title: K úlohe subjektívneho faktora pri formovaní vedomia a osobnosti v socialistickej spoločnosti)
Filozofia, 35 (1980), 2, 195-207.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
When solving the concrete questions and problems of socialist society the increasing importance of the subjective factor has been more and more emphasized. But the elaboration of this task does not often correspond to these needs; the increasing importance and task of the consciousness of the whole (e. g. the elaboration of the notion of noosphere) has gradually been manifested in the fact that the dialectics of the objective and the subjective has been changing. The author points out in this connection at the ontic distinction of subjective reality, consciousness and objective reality, at the need of catching not only the historical-social genesis and contents of the consciousness (both social and individual), but also its historically discreet determination, its reflexive and operative function. He notices the connection between ontic character of consciousness and the ontic dimension of the individual, further — how socialization is reflected in individualization and points out the bidominancy of the individual and the society.
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