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L. Szántó’s Contribution to the Spreading of Lenin’s Philosophy in Czechoslovakia in the Years 1918 —1938

(Original title: Prínos L. Szántóa k šíreniu Leninovej filozofie u nás v rokoch 1918-1938)
Filozofia, 29 (1974), 2, 176-182.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
In the progressive press of the period between the wars it was L. Szántó who had an outstanding merit in seeing Leninism through to be understood as an organic part, as a stage in the development of Marxistn. Evaluating the character of Lenin's work he takes the scientific substantiation of the class-character and the party-character of philosophy, science and art for one of his greatest merits. L. Szántó modernized and concretized successfully Lenin’s proposed principle of the class-character and the party-character even in our domestic conditions. L. Szántó paid an intensive attention, in the respective period, to Lenin’s elaboration of the dialectic theory of cognition. Lenin’s applying dialectis in the theory of cognition was also used at the criticism of the non-Marxist noetics of the various nuances in the home philosophy.
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