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Creative Thinker and Fighter against Revisionism

(Original title: Tvorivý mysliteľ a bojovník proti revizionizmu)
Filozofia, 29 (1974), 2, 140-151.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
Dialectical materialism — not only a "synthesis of being“, but also a "teaching on thinking”, i. e. on the theory of cognition and dialectics. The fundamental importance for the policy of the Communist Party. Criticism of the bourgeois and revisionist term of "objectivism” and "above-party-character”. The difference in the grades and immediateness of the class-character of particular scientific branches. Criticism of revisionism as of a theoretical basis of opportunist practice. Scientific socialism "need not and must not be complemented with attributes like: democratic, humanistic, etc. because all these are contained in it”. An application of "democratic socialism” in the socialist society: an attempt at a regressive reverse towards bourgeois democracy.
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