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Science — Technology — Man

(Original title: Veda — technika — človek)
Filozofia, 27 (1972), 3, 213-224.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
This paper investigates the dialectical unity o£ the components and aspects that limitate the scientific-technological revolution. It is, first of all, the social-economic aspect, the scientifictechnological-productive one and the social-human aspect. According to the author the Marxist philosophical approach inevitably demands investigating these aspects in the inner unity and contradiction, in their mutual conditionality and specificity, in their mutual operation. The method of the unambiguous implication of the mechanic „derivation“ is inadequate to the analysis of such a complicated phenomenon as the scientific-technological revolution is. The author further points out the necessity of seeing the problems of all aspects of the scientific-technological revolution in the viewpoint of the Marxist-Leninist philosophical thinking. Otherwise, there is a danger of sociologism, positivism and vulgar antropologism. A special attention is paid to the so called human factor. It is characterized as an anchorage of man in his social and anthropological dimension, a promotion of creative activity to a basic human need, an attempt at surpassing the general human development by the cultivating of values.
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