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Ricœurov koncept ľudskej zlyhateľnosti

Filozofia, 60 (2005), 6, 430-439.
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The experience of human fragility and factual human failing found its response also in the writings of Paul Ricœur. The result of his reflecting on this issue is the corres-ponding philosophical concept answering the question of the possible failing from the perspective of the intrinsic structure of humans. The problem of human failing is discussed on the background of the fundamental question of philosophical anthropology: „What is human being?“ The analysis of the possible failing shows, that a human being is a permanent attempt at a mediation of his structural disproportion between finality and infinity in the spheres of knowing, activity and feeling. Paradoxically, failing confirms the priority of being, truth and the good of human existence as opposed to nothingness, error and evil.

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