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Rozporné cesty konkretizace kantovského transcendentálního tázáni

Filozofia, 52 (1997), 6, 370-378.
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The paper is defending the view according to which Kant's transcendental regulative apriori questions each positively established order, wether factual, or ideal. From this, point of view then author discusses Fink's approach to the issues of temporality, Richir’s conception of "apriori apriority", Derrida's ideas on originating and meaningness and some aspects of Foucault's philosophy. Author's conclusion is that an effective way of concretization of Kant's transcendental question is Popper's methodological project of falsification. Attention is paid to G. Soros' applying Popper's falsification in his theoretical reflection of practical decision making in economics.

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