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Problém človeka vo filozofii bytia M. Heideggera

Filozofia, 44 (1989), 1, 9-13.
Typ článku: State - Filozofické problémy človeka

Following up Aristotle, Spinoza, Hegel and Marx, M. Heidegger reformulates the problem of Man as identity of spirit and body, laden with biologism, into the problem of differentiating Man as the thinking being (das denkende Wesen] from the non-thinking being. Contrary to Hegel and Marx, he cannot see the difference, in the fact that the thinking being is capable of universal, theoretical and practical activity — work, but only in his capability to live his fateful existence (die Ek-sistenz) extatically. His humanism is a tragic resignation; it does not create real preconditions for the theoretical and practical solution of the problem of Man.

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