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K dialektike spoločenského a individuálneho vedomia

Filozofia, 43 (1988), 1, 39-47.
Typ článku: State - Intenzifikácia ľudského činiteľa a rozvoj socialistického spoločenského vedomia

The author of the paper underlines that the relationship of the individual and social consciousness cannot be grasped adequately without respecting consciousness as a result of the natural-historical process and simultaneously as a precondition, immanent moment of the development of social reality.

She analyzes the process of constituting of social consciousness as a process of objectification of contents of consciousness in form of particular, historically developing systems of sings which are becoming relatively independent and in relation to the individual consciousness they acquire new characteristics. They are, however, not two independent, mutually isolated phenomena but they are in permanent dialectical relation. The methodological presumption of solving their relationship is seen by the author in placing them in wider context in which the individual and social consciousness appear as ideal moments of the practical relation and material connection of the individual and society.

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