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A. Sirácky a marxistické východiská v zápase o orientáciu človeka a spoločnosti

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 6, 584-603.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Akademik A. Sirácky 75-ročný
The Academician Andrej Sirácky belongs to the foremost Slovak thinkers. His philosophical and sociological work, voluminous and significant, has its firm place. On occasion of his 75th birthday the present paper is. an appreciation of the hitherto life-time work of the Academician Andrej Sirácky; at the same time it is a contribution to the history of Slovak philosophy. From among the relevant works of the author’s there can be metioned: Kultúra a mravnosť (Culture and Morality), 19419, and Pôvod prvotných ideologií (The Origin of Primary Ideologies), 1952. The problem and the position of man in the world, his humanization and search for the sense of life, the struggle for the highest values and the historical perspectives, the heading towards the programme and real integration of the mankind these themes have been elaborated by the author in his latest book Sociálny svet človeka (The Social World of Man), 1974:, which has risen from a substantial re-elaboration of two preceding books: Sociológia (Sociology), 1966 and Sociológia a integrácia vied (Sociology and Integration of Sciences) , 1968.
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