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Koperníkovo učenie na trnavskej univerzite

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 5, 430-441.
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In his study the author expounds the history o£ the penetration of the theory of Copernicus on heliocentrism in the University of Trnava. This university, functioning in Slovakia from 1635 to 1777, was run by Jesuits, and thus it is understandable that at the beginning the teaching of Copernicus encountered opposition; the most important person among its opponents was Martin Szentiványi, professor of philosophy (1633 — 1705). By and by, in proportion as the teaching of Copernicus obtained confirmation by natural sciences, changes occurred in the views of the professors of Trnava, and by the middle of the 18th century there was a whole pleiad of followers demonstrating the justness of this theory, even in spite of the fact that the works of Copernicus still have remained on the index of the Church. The author also gives attention to the way how these professors have coped with the theory of Copernicus from the theological point of view. They tried to demonstrate that biblical geocentrism is only apparent and the Bible speaks only figuratively considering the apprehensive faculty of people unable to grasp the essence of heliocentrism, etc. Thus they justified Copernicus before the Bible; this actually means that science gained victory over theology. By this way the cognition of heliocentrism penetrated into Slovakia and became domiciliated here.
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