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O fetišizaci ekonomických zákonů

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 3, 238-250.
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The author introduces his paper with the statement that the core of development of the exact knowledge of social processes is Marxistic dialectics. Mathematical methods gaining ground in economics is in our scientific life one of the by-products of the renaissance of Marxistic dialectics gradually evolving after the 20th Party Congress. In his „The Capital“ Marx had generalized cognition on the economics of pre-monopolistic capitalism in which the flow of capital still was existing. Nevertheless, Marx in his analysis of the crisis of capitalism was not issuing from this primitive forms of anarchy in production which in the further development of capitalism — in its monopolistic stage — were surpassed by capitalism itself. The sources of capitalistic crises — in the conditions of capitalism actually ineluctable — were by Marx seen in the tendency of the movement of fixed capital to make itself independent, regardleass from the development of consumption. The historical source of negative phenomena appearing so markedly in the economics of socialistic Czechoslovakia is to be seen in the fact that we did not sufficiently evaluate the specificity of conditions which in the Soviet Union had made necessary the Soviet type industrialization and the extensiveness of production connected with this type of industrialization. We have to bear in mind the fact that Czechoslovakia, together with the Soviet Union, have the international obligation to charge upon themselves the main burden of aid to be given to our sister socialistic countries and to countries in the stage of their development. However, the main economic task in the socialist rebuilding of a formerly monopolist-capitalistic country such as Czechoslovakia was in the past, is to overcome the antagonistic dissension between the tendency of production to become selfpurposely independent, and the actual development of consumption. Our present extremely unfavourable situation in which the consumer productive units are unconditionally dependent on the mercy of the monopolistic supplier units can be eliminated without recurring to the restauration of the capitalistic organisation of free enterprise. Owing to the force of the socialist economic system it is more consequent to proceed differently from what even the monopolistic capitalism of the United States was able to perform, i. e., we have to restrict the great aggregated industrial enterprises to final production, and to create highly specialized sub-supplier units of production.
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